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COVID-19: Additional Guidance for Lawn Bowls

Issued: 31st July 2020

We’re delighted so many clubs are back up and running. Not only have existing bowlers returned, but we’ve also heard fantastic stories of many new people giving our sport a go for the first time

We understand the challenges you have faced this summer, and we have been providing regular updates to ensure that clubs and players have been able to return to the green in a Covid-friendly manner.

We are therefore pleased to issue the latest update to our guidance following receipt of additional information for the sport sector.

We recommend that all clubs consider this document together with the Government guidance. All items may be adapted as necessary to meet your club’s specific circumstances, so long as your actions remain consistent with Government advice and social distancing requirements.

This is applicable from Saturday 1st August and replaces all other guidance that we have issued.

There is still plenty of the season left to enjoy and we are excited by the opportunity of encouraging new people into our sport.

Please click here to see full document

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