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Craig Bowler

We would like to congratulate Craig Bowler from Bridgmans BC for being selected for England to play the upcoming Commonwealth Games.

Age: 43

Club: Bridgmans BC

County: Bedfordshire

Previous Commonwealth Games: Debut 2022

Craig Bowler is an inspirational squad member. At the start of his bowls journey Bob Milligan, Craig’s mentor, said, “play to the best of your ability, and win.”

Craig is a doer, ignoring the challenges created by his disability. Suffering a life-changing setback, he turned adversity into inspiration and a new life-path.

A journey that begun 15 years following his accident, Bowls was suggested to Craig and he was “hooked from the very first moment.” His initial view of bowls was a game for “old people” but this was immediately changed. When playing the game, Craig lives and plays by the words of Bob Milligan.

Ten years ago Craig was considering how how he could make the 2022 Commonwealth Games. Well, with a lot of hard work and in his own words “playing well,” he has secured this place!

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