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Wardown Park closes it's doors!

Sadly we have to report Wardown Park Bowls Club, Luton have decided to take the difficult decision to close it's doors for the last time. Bowls Bedfordshire have received the following statement from Wardown Park Bowls Club.

With regret we are having to close the club because of falling membership and those left are, by and large, in their eighties and late seventies. Our efforts to engage the locals in the park resulted in plenty of interest in the game we played but despite our offers of free play with tuition and equipment supplied, we have had no takers. This has been particularly difficult as the demographic of the area is largely ethnic Asian or immigrant and they have shown little interest in taking the sport up.

We have also had a large problem with youths playing football on the green. The Luton Borough Council were unable to help with any deterrents.

A further problem was the demand from LBC to sign up to a 5 year lease that would have increased our subscriptions threefold.

We would like to wish their members all the best and hope they can find a club to continue to play the game they love.

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