Rhys Lee - Press Release

June 9, 2015


I have just received the following email from Rhys Lee. Middleton Cup Selector and player


I am writing this with a heavy heart and is one of the most difficult emails I have written, at this time I need to withdraw from the Middleton Cup and Eastern Counties squad and resign from the selection committee due to health reason. I have good days and bad days but I can’t risk the success of the county due to my selfishness on wanting to play. Today is a particularly bad day and if I woke up in the pain I am in today on Saturday I would be letting down the whole squad.


We have done amazing in such a short period of time and the atmosphere around the squad is the best I have known in the 18 years I have played Middleton Cup. I wish you all the success for the remaining of the season and I will hope to come Saturday to show my support.


I will still try to play my domestic bowls however will be cutting this right down so I can get myself fit for my family.


Bowls and Bedfordshire is my life and my love so I hope you all understand I wouldn’t be writing this if I didn’t feel I had to.


Regards Rhys


I have replied to Rhys in the following terms


I was sorry to read your email. I know you have given bowls your best shot over the last few weeks, but I could see that you were suffering at Shire Park and it is patently obvious that you need some extended rest/treatment to put right whatever is the real problem.

As you rightly say, your health and the family must come first.


Formally, may I thank you for all that you have done for Bedfordshire over many years, in your roles as an u30 player for nearly 100 matches, 48 Middleton Cup matches and 52 Eastern Counties League games together with your taking on the management of the u30 team for the last few years and the last two years as a selector for the "new improved" Middleton Cup team.


Your playing record has been wonderful, with so many County titles, together with three National Finals culminating in the Pairs triumph with Luke at Worthing in 2012 and the subsequent trip to Dublin for the British Isles Championships in 2013.


I am sure that everyone in the Bowls world wishes you a speedy recovery and hope to see you back on the County scene as loud as ever before too long.


Best Wishes

Peter Lee (County Administrator and Men’s Secretary). (Dad)

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