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March 14, 2016



Bowls Bedfordshire President Glyn Milbourne is seeking your help His chosen charity is “Embrace Child Victims of Crime”. The charity supports victims in Bedfordshire under the age of 18 whose lives have been affected by serious crime, such as murder, rape, sexual assaults and serious assaults. The charity supports the child and their family in the most appropriate way according to their needs and can include counselling, family peer support and traditional “cheer up” awards of family breaks and days out. No cash awards are ever given, and referrals to the charity are made by Police Officers, and professionals who work with children and young people. One of the fundraising ideas Glyn would like to organise is an Auction of Goods and Promises. How you can help? Can you or a family member, friend, work colleague or associate offer a promise of work, quality goods or holiday home rental for example? Do they work at a sports club or a company that can offer goods or a gift?Maybe they could offer a free round of golf, a free “experience”, a Hamper or free meal at restaurant/pub? Do you know any professionals that could offer a promise of work? Electrician, plumber, painter and decorator for example. All goods and promises to be auctioned will be listed on the Bowls Bedfordshire website later in the season for offers to be made by email to Glyn with a closing date, after which the winning bidder will be contacted by Glyn. Any companies involved will receive acknowledgement on the charity’s national website. Already donated are two tickets to the County Luncheon in December and a week in Glyn’s apartment in the Algarve for 4 persons. If you have details of any items that can be offered then please get in touch with Glyn via mobile 07817 465912 or email or speak to Glyn at any match during the season. Thank you for your support in advance.



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