Summary of Bowls England Changes to Regulations

October 17, 2018



National Championships and National Competitions 2019

Summary of Changes to Regulations


Bowls England has undertaken a thorough review of the Regulations governing National Championships (which includes qualifying rounds administered by County Associations) and National Competitions in preparation for the 2019 season. This included feedback from County Associations, including discussions at the Regional Meetings, and participants during the course of the season. Whilst the vast majority of the work has been a tidying up exercise, the following significant changes are highlighted for your ease of reference:


1. Eligibility – Mixed Pairs/Mixed Fours/Senior Pairs/Senior Singles
• Players must represent the same county from which they entered National Championships
o Rationale: Representation from County Associations and participants


2. Eligibility – Family Pairs
• Includes clarification that entry is not open to husband and wife or respective in-laws
o Rationale: A number of ineligible entries were received in 2018


3. Senior Fours/Senior Pairs/Tony Allcock Trophy
• Number of ends reduced to 18 in all rounds
o Rationale: To fall in line with the British Isles Championships (Senior Fours) and as a duty of care towards players, particularly at the National Championships


4. Inclement Weather
• Provision for ‘common sense’ in hot weather included following the exceptional conditions experienced in 2018
o Rationale: A number of queries received by office in 2018
• Number of ends required for a ‘game’ reduced in all events covered by Appendix J
o Rationale: To reduce the time required for a result to be reached in case of inclement weather


5. Clothing
• All reference to shoes now refers to ‘Flat soled bowling shoes’ – there is no restriction on colour
o Rationale: In order to assist with the further promotion of the sport, particularly to younger participants


6. Team Names
• Amy Rose/White Rose to use ‘team names’ rather than A/B
o Rationale: To appeal to younger players


7. Final qualification round in National Competitions
• The final match prior to the National Finals in all National Competitions will be played on a neutral green (regardless of mileage) 
o Rationale: Following correspondence received in 2018 in the interest of fairness to all players


8. White Rose
• New regulation due to reduction to single rink competition from 2019.


9. Match Arrangements
• County Associations may set fixed dates for Top Club (Men and Women) and Club Two Fours (Men) subject to the rounds falling within the play-by dates set by Bowls England AND both participating clubs in that round being from within the same county
o Rationale: At the request of a number of County Associations particularly with reference to Women’s

Top Club Competition
• additional wording has been included to clarify the responsibility of the Challenger and Opponent when arranging any National Competition match (Regulation 52.1.14 to Regulation 52.1.23 inclusive refers)
o Rationale: Following a number of enquiries in 2018 with regard to the arrangement of matches


10. Johns Trophy/Middleton Cup – Start Time
• Matches shall start at 1.30pm (Johns) and 2pm (Middleton) unless mutually agreed.
• The last round of group games within the same group, (excluding dead rubbers), shall start at the same time – 1.30pm (Johns) and 2pm (Middleton) unless mutually agreed between all competing counties.
o Rationale: For the purpose of clarification


11. Men’s Top Club – Start Time
• All disciplines shall start at the same time unless, when arranging the fixture, it is agreed that the singles matches shall be played on the same rink one after the other due to a number of clubs not fielding a full team at the scheduled start time in 2018.
o Rationale: For the purpose of clarification


The Regulations have been approved by the Board of Bowls England.


Issued: October 2018

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