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Ladies County Finals Round Up

Report on the Ladies Final weekend

The weekend finals were held at Stewartby. We would like to thank the club for agreeing to host this event in the absence of a President. The weather was extremely kind to us and it was almost too warm at times.

Friday saw the 2 woods reach the final stage with Jackie Bryant playing 3 games against Chris Davies, Biggleswade, Jan Butlin, Potton and finally Lynne Peck, Henlow this was particularly exciting needing an extra end before Jackie won.

The Officers Cup and the Pairs were also played. Elaine Whiteman, Biggleswade, played Nicolette Wade, Ampthill and won in a close game.

The pairs was Jayne Christie and Dawn Grisley, Potton, versus Linda Burgess and Sarah Copcutt, Houghton Regis. It was a great game to watch with Potton coming out winners.

Saturday morning saw another 3 finals, the under 25 singles which was Abbie Harding versus Amy Dewar from Houghton Regis. Amy won comfortably but this pair will combine to represent Bedfordshire in the under 25 pairs at Leamington.

The 2 woods saw Jackie Bryant play Debbie Roe with Debbie Roe winning but both of these will represent Bedfordshire at Leamington.

The final game of the morning was the Unbadged singles with Elaine Blythe , Stotfold, playing Diane Bigley, Henlow with Elaine Blythe winning

The afternoon session saw the finals of the fours with Lesley Nunn, Chris Jones, Rosemary Dukes and Rita Grant taking on Diane Bigley, Karena Harvey, Diane Pearce and June Bigley, Henlow. It was a very close game with Henlow coming out as winners.

In the Senior Fours Potton with Dawn Grisley, Jenny Ralph, Jayne Christie and Jackie Bryant were hoping to retain their title against Rose Coles, Angela Belcher, Jan Brooks and Pauline Bright. The Potton girls came from behind to retain their title in a very close game. Finally in the over 55 singles Grace Donnelly , Potton beat Elaine Whiteman in another close game.

Sunday saw the final session of the finals in the ladies singles Debbie Roe took on Jayne Christie. It was an exciting game to watch but Jayne was the winner but consolation is both player represent Bedfordshire at Leamington.

Potton continued their winning streak when Jan Butlin and Grace Donnelly beat Val Shaw and Mary Watton from Bedford Priory.

The Champion of Champions was between Pauline Bright, Barton, and June Bigley, Henlow, with Pauline Bright the winner.

The triples was between the Potton, Dawn Grisley, Jenny Ralph and Jackie Bryant and Wilstead Margaret Dunlop, Barbara Carter and Kim Douglas. The Potton trio won comfortably.

4 wood singles

Debbie Roe 15 v Jayne Christie 21

2 Wood singles

Jackie Bryant 8 v Debbie Roe 18


Dawn Grisley v Linda Burgess

Jayne Christie 21 Sarah Copcutt 9


Dawn Grisley Margaret Dunlop

Jenny Ralph 26 v Barbara Carter 12

Jackie Bryant Kim Douglas


Diane Bigley Lesley Nunn

Karena Harvey v Chris Jones

Diane Pearce 16 Rosemary Dukes 13

June Bigley Rita Grant

Senior Fours

Dawn Grisley v Rose Coles

Jenny Ralph Angela Belcher

Jayne Christie 13 Jan Brooks 12

Jackie Bryant Pauline Bright

Under 25 singles

Abbie Harding 7 v Amy Dewar 21

Domestic Finals

Unbadged – Diane Bigley 10 Elaine Blyth 21

Officers Cup – Elaine Whiteman 21 Nicolette Wade 9

Over 55 singles Elaine Whiteman 17 Grace Donnelly 21

Champion of Champion June Bigley 17 Pauline Bright 21

Over 55 pairs Grace Donnelly, Jan Butlin 21 Val Shaw, Mary Watton 14

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