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Men's Finals Results

Congratulations to all the Winners at the men's County Finals and Good Luck at Leamington

Singles Roly Barker (SanCo) 20

Stuart Proctor (SanCo) 21

Pairs Andrew Manning & Christopher Beard Sharn) 21

Clive Vandyke & Graham Jakes (HenPk) 9

Triples David Payne, Grant Osborne & Roly Barker (SanCo) 18

Steven Mead, Martin Dawkins & Duncan Shearer (HougR) 15

Fours Rollie Cawdell, Andy Geddes, Tom Cawdell & Paul Murray (LutTn) 14

Ron Worsnop , Colin Smith, Pat Howarth & Neil Rixon (Bart) 13

Senior 4's Mark Curtis, John Oliver, John Pamphilion & Graham White (Melt) 17

David Whelan, David Taylor, David Frost & Eddie Swann (LutTn) 14

2 Woods Mark Amos (Stot) 14

Grant Osborne (SanCo) 11

Junior Singles Owen Harker (HougR) 21

Adrian Allen (Sheff) 15

Junior Pairs Adrian Allen (Sheff) & Ben Frost (LutTn) 26

Owen Harker & Steven Dawkins (HougR) 11



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